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Beginners group classes
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Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic dreadnaught type guitar

Electric Guitar
Electric Stratocaster style guitar

Classical Guitar
Classical and Flamenco guitar

Teaching Method: Some people prefer to learn the hands-on/practical way, others can't get enough theory (if you are one of them, you need help!... :-). I am happy to teach you as much or as little theory as you want. My teaching method was described by my students as "low effort - high return". In other words, guitar lessons with me will get you playing guitar FAST.

Resources: You will receive printed reference material on guitar playing and technique at every lesson. You can either bring your own guitar to our lessons, or use one of mine.

Guitar styles: Classical, Acoustic and Electric in the style of your choice. You can learn guitar as a solo instrument or focus on it as an accompanying instrument for your voice.

What to look for when buying a guitar:
Any guitar you buy, regardless of price, must have these three qualities:
1) It must stay in tune - There is nothing more frustrating than having to constantly retune.
2) It must have good action - This means that the strings should be close to the fret-board all the way up the neck.
3) It must sound good - This is subjective, but make sure your instrument has a resonant, buzz-free sound.
If you don't currently own a guitar I am happy to discuss your needs at your first lesson. You may try one of my guitars and see which one you feel most comfortable with. I can then point you in the right direction as far as where to buy, how much to spend etc.

Rates for 2014: $60 per hour. You may combine guitar lessons and singing lessons for $70 per hour.

Gift vouchers: Do you have a friend or relative who enjoys playing guitar? Would you like to give a birthday present with a difference? You may buy a gift voucher from me for one or more guitar lessons.
Please phone or email me with your credit card details and I will send you a voucher via email or post.

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Please contact me on:
Phone: 9389 8440 Location: Bronte

If you would like guitar lessons outside Sydney's eastern suburbs, please contact me, and I will put you in touch with one of my experienced colleagues in your area.
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