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Singing is one of life's greatest joys. The good news is that you don't have to be a professional singer to get the full benefits. 
I have conducted a survey of my existing and past students: Here are some of the benefits they reported as a result of taking singing lessons from me:

- Better freedom of expression.
- More self confidence when speaking or singing in public.
- Reduced vocal tension.
- Discovery of singing talent they never knew they had.
- Admiration from friends and family of "new" singing skills.
- New careers for my many students who progressed from beginners to professional singers.

My teaching Philosophy:
Singing lessons should ALWAYS be fun.

Students: My students range from complete beginners who never performed outside the privacy and security of their shower, to seasoned professionals looking for a competitive edge, and everything in between. Age range is from 12 to 60's. I do believe that it is never too early or late to start taking singing lessons.

Scope of lessons: Some people take singing tuition for fun, others want to make a career of it.
I have had numerous students who started it as a hobby and ended up as professional performers. If you have an eisteddfod, live performance, studio session or any other singing engagement coming up, I can prescribe an intensive program to maximize your chances of success. Solid grounding and consistent improvement, call for ongoing tuition.

Resources: You will receive a practice tape with your first lesson and practical reference material  on singing tailored to your needs at subsequent lessons.

Outcomes: You will learn musicianship, resonance, breathing, pitch, placement, projection, phrasing, and all correct singing techniques.

Results: You will see (hear?) dramatic improvement after your first 2 or 3 sessions regardless of your ability level. Singing, like any other skill, requires dedication. Those who love their craft never think of it as "practice" but simply "singing".

Frequency of lessons: It is best to train weekly. Fortnightly singing lessons are OK too. It depends on your ultimate goals.

Styles: My specialties are: contemporary, pop, blues and rock. I have extensive experience in all other styles and will structure the course in the style of your choice. The principles of good singing are the same and you will have no difficulty changing between styles once you know the basics.

Rates for 2013-2014: $70 per one hour. You may combine singing with guitar lessons at no additional cost.

Audition preparation: I teach actors to sing and singers to act. If you are preparing for an upcoming singing or acting audition, a few lessons with me will help boost your confidence and will considerably increase your chances of getting the gig.

Gift vouchers: If you have a friend or relative who enjoys singing or playing guitar, you may purchase a gift voucher for one or more singing lessons with me. Please go to: for online application.

To make a booking:

  Phone: 9389 8440
   Location: Bronte - Eastern suburbs Sydney

If you would like to take singing lessons but live outside Sydney's eastern suburbs, please contact me, and I will refer you to a qualified singing teacher in your area.

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  If you are contemplating singing at a wedding, please consider getting it on video.

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